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Marta Ali with Elizabeth Graves - Editor in Chief, Martha Stewart Living Omni Media at American Made initative event for DC Makers

How we got started...

Initially , innovative building in sci-fi movies and ancient civilizations that happened in Ethiopia inspired me to study architecture and urban planning. However, while studying architecture I noticed that there has been a lag of innovation in the building industry which tends to have a slow design cycle, complex construction process and require coordination between several trades just to complete a simple building. Because of this have been looking for ways to design and build innovative buildings that can help enhance our collective human experience without the burden of high cost, time, and complexity.


Eventually, the maker movement that started in U.S.A around 2015 brought with it emerging design and manufacturing technologies which became more accessible to professionals like me who want to transform their respective industries... hope this story will encourage designers who have pioneering ideas to stay committed to their passion since the time will come when they will be able transform their ideas to reality ...

Marta Ali, Founder/Architect/Industrial Designer

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