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A multidisciplinary design studio  envisioned to transform ordinary places to extraordinary experiences. Our custom design and  fabrication solutions are great for various clients who are operating in sectors including Commercial and Residential building projects as well as Entertainment, Government, Hospitality, Film , TV , Fashion , Culture, Tourism industries . We specialize in using the latest design and  manufacturing/fabrication technologies to transform complex ideas in to reality in a very short time. Learn more about the services we are providing here 

We also create innovative finishing materials for interiors that are setting new standards for  the Architecture/ Building Industry.



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Did you know that the way we construct buildings hasn’t really changed for centuries? The oldest  structures were about 10,000 years old and those were posts and beams. However, our generation  have been building the same way since and not a whole lot of innovation has occurred in the building industry. Except for some notable times such as when the Romans built the Colosseum, which was strongly influenced by two of their great inventions - concrete and vaulted arches. Concrete was a  recent invention when the Colosseum was built and the Romans were still learning how to use it because concrete was so new and they did not know how strong it was or how long it would last. Our generation builds brick and mortar structures the same way , but our bet is ancient Romans wouldn't build the same way now ... They would have invented new materials and  production methods for the new buildings that we construct now and will pass to the next generation ...


Building environments are not simply places where people use , instead, they are where many of our lives occur ; they are also the lexicon of culturally appropriate pursuits and pastimes that provide people with identity and fulfillment . In addition, Architecture  creates a sense of familiarity and belonging to a community. Unfortunately, most Architectural spaces promote Shallow Environmental Interactions which leads to a numbing of emotional reactions, making it difficult for individuals to experience surprise, joy, fear or sadness. That is why we are committed to create thought provoking architectural designs and materials that are engaging and inspiring. The 3D / Tactile  quality of our designs allow people to focus on their local environments because deep environmental interactions will lead to mindfulness, thoroughness and can help develop a multitude of creative imaginations in our brain. Shallow environmental interactions make speed a priority, that's why we are here to change the status quo and create new standards.


For more than a decade we wanted to bring innovation for the architecture and building industry ; however, the technology to bring such innovation  has been lagging behind for centuries. The good news since 2014, the maker movement that has been happening in the U.S.  is giving us the leverage we have been waiting for so long to make a difference in our industry.  With advanced design and manufacturing technology we now have the ability to transform one of a kind design ideas into  reality in an unprecedented short period of time and in a very cost effective way. This powerful technology coupled with our unique design philosophy is allowing us to create designs that can solve specific design problems  for diverse companies, brands, institutions, cultures, cities, countries, or nations. We are excited about providing not only creative solutions but also inventing production methods and processes that can change the industry and enhance the experience of people that will ultimately use the spaces. 


Our clients are leaders in their respective industries and are passionate about creating groundbreaking experiences that are engaging and thought provoking at a deeper level.

Our creative solutions are perfect for  building developers, owners, architects, interior designers, businesses, public institutions, government entities who are looking for innovative custom design solutions that can be created in a very short time. Whether you have a small or large scale project we are here to help you transform your idea to reality !


 We are Committed to develop a range of creative design solutions  that can solve our client's needs. To learn more about our design services please visit the link below.


In every project , we find solutions that merge  our client's vision with our expertise.  We create designs that are innovative, beautiful,  functional, manufacturable, and economically viable. We work with our clients every step of the way to insure that we are delivering one of a kind projects. To learn more about the process of how we work with our clients please visit the link below.



From concept initiation, through design development, detailing, prototyping, and guidance in manufacturing, our team of architectural and industrial designers have extensive background in creating designs that will enhance the experiences of end users. Since challenging problems need the most innovative solutions, below is a list of our skill sets that will empower your projects :

  • Architecture Design

  • Visual Communication

  • Multimedia Design

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Computational Design

  • Construction Management

  • Real Estate Development

  • Urban Planning

  • And more


The founder , Marta Ali , is an architectural and industrial designer. Her designs include one of a kind Architecture designs, set designs , furnitures, 3D surface designs, brand identities and luxury goods. Chief editor in chief of Martha Stewart Ling Magazine, Elizabeth Graves, called her designs "Stunning" at the "American Made " D.C. edition in 2017.


How it all started: growing up Marta Ali used to be inspired by the creative environments she saw in sci-fi movies as well as ancient architectural civilizations that happened in Ethiopia, which is her country of birth. At the age of 12, Marta Ali entered in to a national art contest where she received her first prominent artistic Award from the Most Honorable Maitre Artist World Laureate Afewerk Tekle  which inspired her to keep pursuing creative ideas that can inspire people . Eventually, she studied architecture at higher institutions including at the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development and at the Catholic University of America where she was inducted to the Grand Chapter of Tau Sigma Delta, which is the only  accredited Honor Society for Architecture and Allied Arts.


While pursuing and practicing architecture she realized that the industry really needs a major intervention from other industries such as manufacturing. That's why she started this creative venture  to find ways to push the boundaries of the building industry which she operates in mainly.


Currently Marta Ali is also serving as a Commissioner at  Alexandria Commission for the Arts where the she is responsible for providing advise to the Office of the Arts and City Council to strengthen Alexandria's City Scape , further public access to the arts and cultural matters identified by the A.C.A.

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