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The discovery phase is a crucial first step where we take  time to learn  about the vision and mission you have for your project , brand,  company  or organization. At the end of this phase we will discuss how you can retain our services so that we can develop your project in more depth.  


The design phase is where we deep dive in to your project so that we can develop design options that will express your vision for your company or brand. Once the best design option is selected , then we create supportive documents including :  3d models, CAD drawings , fabrication methods, materials , finishes, etc ... At the end of this phase you will receive a more accurate design proposal, schedule and estimate for your project.



The fabrication phase  is where we create  detailed fabrication drawings so that we can start the production  process by using advanced manufacturing equipments . Once the fabrication process  starts we will keep you updated periodically as we reach significant mile stones regarding your project.



The finishing phase is where we add the final  touches on the produced parts. If the parts need to be assembled this is when it will occur . Before the end of this phase,  we will send you reminders to insure  a smooth transition for the installation phase .  



When the installation day arrives  we will bring everything you have been waiting for to see in reality! This is the most exciting part of the entire process because usually our clients love to be engaged in installing designs made just for them. Believe us  it all worth it!



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